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Peter B. Parker
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Peter Parker is currently working as an agent of SHIELD. Living in an apartment in manhattan. While not peforming tasks directly related to SHIELD business he is patroling the city as Spider-Man. Due to his connections with SHIELD Captain America has enlisted Spider-Mans help numerous times with the Avengers. He is considered a Reserve Member.


His costume is new and a result of his deepened partnership with Harry in Superheroing. The costumes material regulates his temperature a lot more effectively. Keeping him far warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. The webshooters hold a great deal more fluid than his original and have multiple functions. The mask has a built in filter to help block out some smoke and gasses. The goggles have built in HUD projection displays. They can project the image its low res IR cameras pick up directly onto his eye. It is mostly effective for heavy smoke situations. And to aid in tracking occasionally. The mask also has built in communications equipment. And a voice modulator to use when hes speaking in situations he may be recorded and to let him sound like Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse.

Alterations have been made to the newer suit to accomidate his 'Stingers' and organic webshooters.


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