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[Posted for everyone to see] - Peter B. Parker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Posted for everyone to see] [Jul. 17th, 2006|12:18 am]
Peter B. Parker
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To whom it may concern,

A few hours ago I was told by Doctor Reed Richards that I was going to die. I was bitten by some sort of very large alien spiderlike creature.

I'm so sorry, kitty. I said I'd come back and we'd go do something. Gonna have to bail. Wish it was for hot man loving. But alas. Its not. You know where my spare stuffs at. Its yours.

I need you to do me a favor. Please I dont know who else I could ask to do this. Take care of Aunt May for me. I emailed you a letter from me to her already.

I love you. You'll always be my best friend. Please dont hurry up to see me though. You have a really insanely long life to live and use to help people.

Man. I'm sorry. But. I forgot to finish installing the software on the computers for the new servers. My notes are in my top left hand drawer on my desk. (If you value your sanity please for the love of god dont open the right hand drawer. Seriously. I'm not even kidding a little)


May webstunner and Alexa:
Hey, kiddos. My ass is now and forever the greatest ass of them all. Thats all. Btw. Love ya. You are both great kids. Dont ever take your powers for granted, but always remember you have them for a reason. You BOTH make the costume proud. Keep up the good work.

Reilly Tyne:
You are a complete and utter dork. Keep up the good work. (Parker brains + Lawyerese = Much awesome) Dont cross over to the dark side though. (I'm talking about the lawyer stuff, not the dark demony stuff, yer totally ok in that department.)

The Gaggle Of Random Kids and Family From Nexus:
Good lord theres a lot of you freakos. And I love every one of you. Please feel free to get webbing over all the nexus denizens (people, for you lesser educated or younger peeps).

The SpiderWatsons:
Keep an eye on my MJ for me, kay? Love you guys.

Spider-People of the multiverse:
We're awesome. Thats about all there is to say.

Anyone I forgot:
I forgot cause I dont love you. I prolly forgot cause I'm crying and not able to see well and my brain hurts, please dont hate me.


*[Auto Posted after 30 minutes Idle]*

[User Picture]From: webstunner
2006-07-17 05:32 pm (UTC)
May is on patrol when she gets the message from a guy she never had a chance to call. She almost throws the phone down onto the street below, but she can't. The upgrades are all she has left of him -- yet another friend she failed.

May was going to call him that weekend. They were all going to hang, and make her dad's brain explode. But now...

She calls Reilly. He won't be able to understand her until she says it for a third time. Then she screams at him, and hangs up. May Parker won't know what to say to her cousin when she gets home -- he'll just hug her while she cries.
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