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[Plot Scene. Not Seen.] - Peter B. Parker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Plot Scene. Not Seen.] [Jul. 17th, 2006|12:14 am]
Peter B. Parker
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TODAY, on Beyonder TV!

Watch as the fantastic Hero Team fights to the death with the evil Villian Team! -Uwwwwwwwwwwww-

Casualties! -Ahhhhhhhhh!-

But first!

Last week both teams were preparing for the big all out fight of their lives!

But as the Hero team worked together and started forming plans the Villian Team started to have problems.


Doc Ock blinks and looks over. "Well... they didnt want to help take out a rather valuable member of the other team. It would decrease morale and rid us of a powerful enemy. ...... .... why am I saying this?"

-Pan to Lizard!-

Lizard eyes the wall its peering at then turns to face over. "... I found the creature in the labs and was able to put mental programming into it via the computer system it was attached to. I found it rather ironic to destroy the bug with an alien creature of similar origins."

-Pan to the ManSpider creature-

It blinks half its eyes. ".... rrrr.... -hiss-.... grrr?"


And now! Lets continue with 'BATTLEWORLD! SECRET WARS!'

We now join the battle already in progress.


"Thor! Get Doom!" Spider-Man leapt over onto Things shoulder and fires off a blast of webbing to entangle the superstrong Titanias face giving Thing a few seconds upperhand.

Before Spider-Man can react to a sudden loud and powerful scream of his Spider-Sense hes tackled off Things shoulder and finds himself tumbling a few times before suddenly stopping. His eyes widen behind the black goggle lenses as he peers up to see the massive spider like creature looming over him. He tries kicking up and punching at it but its got ahold of his wrists and ankles. Hes barely able to even see the creature lunging down and digging its fangs into his shoulder. But screams out in agony as it registers. He feels the venom flooding out from the fangs into his body. Burning like nothing else hes ever felt.

He doesnt even see Wolverines claws hack through the beasts fangs. Or even feel it as Cyclops blasts it off him.

"Does anyone else find this like really ironic?" Spidey coughs and groans. Noticing he was moving up into the air he looked over and saw he was being picked up by Wasp. "Oh, man. More bug irony. Hehe. Whoa."

Spidey was about to pass out when he heard Johnny Storm screaming out. He glanced over and saw the ManSpider attacking his friend. Choking him not letting him flame on.

Something clicked in his mind. He felt a surge of energy and leapt from Wasps arms and sprints towards them in a blur.

"Hey!" He slammed into the spider creature knocking it away from Torch.

"Leave! My! Friends! Alone!!!" Each word punctuated by a powerful punch. The creature staggers back and roars, stingers extending out from behind its fists as it charges towards Spidey. He lets out a growl as he leaps towards the creature and adheres to its chest in a three point stance. Punching straight down and through the creatures chest. And he drops towards the ground limply and is out before hitting the ground.


"The alien creatures venom seems to be reacting oddly with his mutated physiology. If I had the equipment from the Baxter building I'd be able to tell you more. But I just dont have the equipment I need here."

"His mind is in total chaos right now. I'm not entirely sure but I believe there may even be another presense watching his mind as well."

"Oh, man. Petey. He'll be alright, right?"
"If anyone can patch him up here its the big brain here. Dont worry, kiddo."

"I've NEVER seen him move that fast before. He jumped out of my arms and I swear I barely even saw him move."


He gasps and opens his eyes in shock. Groaning as his shoulder and arm burns and aches. Looking down seeing it bandaged up and in a sling. His head feeling like it was stuffed full of cotton. Eyes burning. Skin tingling.


Mister Fantastic smiles sadly down to him as he notices him waking up. "Peter? Can you hear me?"

"Ant 'ove I 'onge" He blinked.

"Yes. I know. Its swollen up. I'm fluent in it though. Remember when Johnny got the tongue stud and it got infected." Dr Richards shook his head.

"Ah ah! 'ork."

Richards chuckled and nodded. "Yes. He is." He cleared his throat and sat down leaning his elbows against the bed. "Peter. That alien creature put a venom in your bloodstream. Its... reacting with your spider related mutation."

Peter looked around the medlab some and then back to Reed. "... 'ere goes i lans for ee gay cruise."

"This is ... this is rather hard for me to say. But. With the resources in this lab. I... I cant do anything to stop the damage its doing to your system. We've spent the past 12 hours looking this lab over inch by inch to find anything that could help."

Peter wrinkled his nose. "'olverines 'lood?"

"We tried that already. Logan started to throw up violently but it didnt do anything for your condition."

"... 'ell. 'east i ade him throw up." He grins and gives a weak thumbs up.

"... I dont know if you realize how serious this is. Peter. I ... I dont think you are going to make it out of this."

"... Oh."

~Well. If Doctor Reed Richards is saying I'm going to die theres not all that much I can do about it is there? God. Aunt May. MJ. Harry. I'm going to die on an alien world.~

"'id you check irst aid kit on wall?"

"........ Yes."

Peter grins and points at him. "..'ad to 'ink about i for second 'ough. Ehehe."

After a few hours of talking... well, listening to the others talk to him. He sat alone in the medlab with his small computer device. straining to see through the tears and his failing eyesight. He starts to type.