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[Plot Scene. Not Seen.] - Peter B. Parker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Peter B. Parker

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[Plot Scene. Not Seen.] [Jul. 18th, 2006|08:16 pm]
Peter B. Parker
~Is this all a dream?

Who is that?

Kinda cute... wait, ew. Uncle Ben at a younger age. scared for life, wait that doestn make sense~


He runs up to hug his Uncle tightly. "I'm so sorry, Uncle Ben."

"Its alright, son. Its alright."

He clutched onto the taller man as he sobbed. Until suddenly realizing he was using far more arms than he remembered having a few minutes ago. He leaps back and looks down. Horrified as he sees six clawed hands. Feeling at his face his mouth is disfigured and large with fangs.

"Dont worry, son. You're changing. The only way you can survive this is to accept the changes. Deal with them. If you fight it, you wont make it."

"... arent I already dead?"

"Sorta. Lets not go into technicalities. You are a superhero. This sorta thing happens."

Peter blinked a few new pair of eyes and looks at his hands. Then back to his Uncle. "Yeah but I mean ... this isnt the sort of milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard."

"... Just like your father. I swear that man make his eulogy to your grandfather into a standup routine."

Peter grins awkwardly around the fangs. "Sorry."

"Its alright." Ben smiled and gave Peter another hug. "Just remember Peter. Wake up."

"Wake up."

~Wake up.~


Peters eyes shot open and he tried to scream out but found he was curled up in the fetus position covered in webbing.

~Ew. GROSS!~

He throws his arms and legs out to sides tearing the web caccoon open and gasps as he smells the slightly odd twinge of the Battleworld air again. Then promptly falls into the dirt and grunts. "Guh. I bet the Avengers dont have to deal with this sorta thing."



"... Dude I'm not dead."

"... kay... wibs, duder."

"You sound like a surfer."

"Dudical, man."

"A retarded surfer."

"You're the one standing there nude."

"... Point."

Johnny Storm hugged his friend and then shoved him inside the base to get him clothes.


The rest of the day is rather hectic. No sooner than Peter dons his old costume and brushes off some webs then the base is suddenly under assault. Hes barely able to type off a quick message before leaping out a window and joining the Heros.

Hes pretty sure this is going to be the last battle. One way or another.